The Commercial Bank of Ozark

The Commercial Bank of Ozark was chartered in 1959 and has served the citizens of Ozark and Dale county to the present. Douglas Brown organized the bank because the financial needs for new construction were going unmet by the community's primary bank. Members of the initial board of directors included Douglas Brown, William C. Brown, E.E. Dorrah, E.E. Flowers, Harry Hall, E. Martin Price and Henry Steagall. The main bank office at 208 S. Merrick Avenue in Ozark is the original building and was constructed by Douglas Brown.

In 1998, the directors organized a one bank holding company, Commercial Bancshares of Ozark, to purchase stock from existing shareholders. The board of directors and some small shareholders own the holding company, and the holding company owns over 99 percent of the bank.

The purpose of this bank is to make a profit while serving the financial needs of its growing geographic service area, the area's smaller businesses (including minority-owned and businesses in depressed areas), and its citizens (including low-income families). We are in the financial services business and no line of financial services is beyond our charter.
This bank is a responsible citizens and a business leader in its service area. The bank takes its citizenship duties seriously and will not knowingly take actions that are against the best interest of its communities, their businesses, or their families. It will not make profits at the expense of these communities. The bank, its directors, officers and staff will take an active role in the community improvement and will share in leadership responsibilities when called upon to do so.
Customers are the bank's most important assets. The products are designed to meet the needs of customers, their hours are set to meet the needs of customers, and their employees are hired to meet the needs of customers. High quality, personalized customer service is the true mission of this bank. It is only through the accomplishment of this mission that the bank's profitability goals are achievable.