1st SouthWest Bank is a strong and growing community bank dedicated to serving the people and businesses of Southwestern Colorado. For over 20 years, the bank has actively supported and sought opportunities to improve the quality of life in its communities. In addition to providing professional and personalized service to customers, 1st SouthWest strives for 100% involvement from its employees in community organizations, programs and non-profits.

Alamosa, Colorado

Adelphi is a solutions-based bank.

Their goal is to improve the lives of their customers by removing the barriers to financial equity. Adelphi Bank's commitment is to simplify the complex world of finance.
Adelphi Bank was founded with the mission to ​boost financial equity and build meaningful wealth for seamless and straightforward banking without inherent bias.

Columbus, Ohio

We're the bank for people who care what their money does in the world. When you deposit your money at Amalgamated, it supports sustainable organizations, progressive causes, and social justice. We are committed to environmental and social responsibility. We're net-zero and powered by 100% renewable energy, and we have a long, proud history of providing affordable access to the banking system, supporting immigrants and affordable housing, and being a champion of workers' rights.

New York, New York

American Metro Bank is an Illinois-chartered bank with its main office located in Chicago, Illinois. The Bank commenced operations in 1997 and engages in general banking business through its main office (Uptown) and one branch (Chinatown) in the Chicago, Illinois, metropolitan area.

The Bank offers all of the usual products and services of a commercial bank including: demand, savings and time deposits; commercial, industrial, consumer and real estate loans; and associated banking services. The Bank offers commercial and consumer loans to corporations, partnerships and individuals. Commercial lending covers such categories as business, industry, equipment, capital, inventory, construction and real estate.

The Bank is a certified Minority Depository Institution (MDI) under the Treasury's Financial Management Service's Minority Bank Deposit Program (MBDP). As such, the bank participates in regular roundtable workshops hosted by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for the benefit of MDI's. The bank actively promotes collaborative efforts which may provide Community Reinvestment ACT (CRA) credits to participating non-MDI banks. CRA credit may be earned through several types of collaboration such as loan participations, technical assistance, equity, and/or investment in our "MDI CRA CD" deposit product.

Chicago, Illinois

Asian Bank has served Philadelphia since June 1999. Asian Bank's mission is to provide personalized, quality banking services to individuals, organizations and small businesses in our regional market. As a community bank, we fully understand the special banking needs of our customers, the social and economic conditions of underserved people and residents in distressed communities; in return for their support, we promise to continually demonstrate commitment to our communities and to those that lack adequate access to capital and or financial services. Our goal is to be the premier bank in our market by offering an ever-widening range of personal and business financial products and services. Through our activities, we will create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the entire community.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For 110 years, The Bank of Anguilla has served Mississippi's rural Sharkey and Issaquena counties. The economies of the two counties are primarily agricultural, benefiting from rich farming soil along the Mississippi River. As the only bank operating in Sharkey and Issaquena, The Bank of Anguilla plays a vital role in providing financial services to these rural, low-income communities. Bank employees and the Board proudly serve in various civic organizations and leadership roles.  


Anguilla, Mississippi

Bank of Brookhaven was established January 31, 2000. Bank of Brookhaven offers services, including Online Banking, tailored to meet the needs of a growing town and county. We're the new bank with an old fashion commitment.

Brookhaven, Mississippi

Bank of Commerce is more than a bank -- it's a home. A friend. A consultant. The place you can go for answers and assistance. Their knowledgeable staff is ready to serve, giving you the customer care you deserve with the experience you need. Bank of Commerce started as a tiny bank run out of a local doctor’s office in Greewood, Miss. As the community grew and the bank prospered, Bank of Commerce held on to its sound banking policies and neighborly traditions. Today, Bank of Commerce remains stable and strong while maintaining its personal touch and convenient, efficient service. And, after more than 100 years of steady service, they are still opening new financial doors and offering options that make banking as convenient as possible.

Greenwood, Mississippi

Commitment, Leadership, and Vision have been the watchwords at the Bank of Franklin since it opened its doors in October, 1912. Commitment to providing safe and sound financial products and services to our customers and communities in a manner that exceeds their expectations. Leadership in the form of a cohesive management team focusing on efficiency, customer service, and the implementation of our Vision to expand our presence through internal growth and strategic branching while remaining an independent community bank. Commitment, Leadership, and Vision remain our focus and permeate our work, our planning, and our business advancement strategies today.

Meadville, Mississippi

Through today's technology blended with our southern hospitality, the Bank of Holly Springs provides a superior banking experience. After serving the historic Holly Springs area for over 150 years, the Bank of Holly Springs remains mindful of our commitment to our customers. Please visit one of our convenient locations and find out why Bank of Holly Springs is the bank for you!



Holly Springs, Mississippi

Since 1904 Bank of Kilmichael has been committed to community banking and to our local towns and cities. If there’s one thing we've learned over these past 100-plus years of serving our customers, it’s that friendly goes a long way. A long way toward keeping our customers loyal year after year, generation after generation. It goes a long way toward distinguishing us from other banks. And it goes a long way toward bringing customers to us from far and wide.

Our bond with customers is so strong because they know they can expect a higher level of courtesy, respect and service from Bank of Kilmichael...and, because we know where our customers are coming from, and how best to help them get where they want to be.

Kilmichael, Mississippi

From the farmer to the after school worker, Bank of Lake Village is determined to make a difference with support and services that exceed expectations. Bank of Lake Village is a proud leader in the Arkansas Delta’s agricultural community, offering not only credit, but also expert counseling and direction. This is a time of change for the farmers of Southeast Arkansas as technology evolves and farming industries expand. But with Bank of Lake Village’s qualified staff and continual training, the community is ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

Greenville, Mississippi

Over 100 years old, Bank of Moundville offers personal and commercial banking services for its community members in Moundville, Alabama.

Moundville, Alabama

Bank of Oak Ridge is a Louisiana chartered bank that began in 1910 and has proudly served Oak Ridge and the surrounding Morehouse and Richland Parish area for over 100 years. They were excited to expand our community banking services into Monroe, LA, by opening a Loan Production Office in June 2016, then converting it to a full-service branch in September 2019.

Bank of Oak Ridge has proudly received the BauerFinancial Inc. 5-Star Superior rating every quarter since 1988. It has also earned the title “Best of Bauer Bank”, a designation for banks that have maintained the 5-star rating for 25 years or longer.

Oak Ridge, Louisiana

Since 1978, we’ve served our community as a bank and as so much more. We’ve supported local businesses, watched families grow and welcomed new residents to the community we love. Through it all, we’ve guided our friends and neighbors through business and personal banking decisions. Our team stands by our reputation for service and respect in our community. We’re a bank characterized by familiar faces and friendly folks ready to answer any of your questions, take care of your statements, open an account or simply find the right banking solutions for you.

St Francisville, Louisiana

The Bank of Vernon is headquartered in Vernon, Alabama. It was the first bank chartered by the newly formed Alabama Banking Department on November 11, 1911. It is an independently owned and operated community bank with C.D.F.I. & C.D.E. status. It operates multiple full-service branches serving a rural part of Northwest Alabama and Northeast Mississippi. The bank has assets exceeding $275 million in 2022 and maintains an emphasis on modern facilities and technology to better serve its customers.

The Bank of Vernon is a LOCALLY owned and operated Independent Community Bank since 1911. It is a C.D.F.I. and C.D.E. Bank and Holding Company. Its mission is to improve social and economic conditions of the residents and businesses in its Target Market by offering a full range of financial products, financial services, and development services tailored to the needs of the Target Market residents and businesses.

Vernon, Alabama

Bank of Winona was founded in 1885 and is the oldest financial institution serving Montgomery and Carroll County, Mississippi. The bank has been locally owned and operated since its founding. Bank of Winona provides a wide array of services to both businesses and individuals including checking, savings, CDs and loans.

Winona, Mississippi

We are, first and foremost, a community banking institution, and we have been an integral part of this community for more than a century. The Bank of Zachary first opened for business on July 2, 1904, making it the oldest bank headquartered in East Baton Rouge Parish. Our Directors and Staff all live in the communities that we serve. The community's interests and our interests are inextricably linked. For over a century, the Bank of Zachary has championed countless civic and charitable causes, and our outstanding staff carries on the tradition in the current generation. Our goal is not to simply have customers, but to form relationships that survive in good times and bad, from generation to generation. We understand that customers have a wide array of financial institutions to choose from. To remain successful, we must differentiate ourselves from the competition, and the best way to do that is through superior customer service. That is our pledge and our commitment.

Zachary, Louisiana

BankFirst is headquartered in Columbus, Mississippi. Established in 1888 with one location, BankFirst currently operates more than 47 branch locations and multiple loan production offices in Mississippi and Alabama. Visit for more information.

Columbus, Mississippi
BankPlus Logo

BankPlus has operated as a privately held community bank for over 100 years. Today, we stand tall as a proud, full-service regional bank. One whose employees always seek to give our customers more. More access. More technology. And more of the products and services that continually set us apart from others.

Our growth and success have been achieved by serving our communities. From small farms to large corporations, and rural towns to metropolitan areas, BankPlus is committed to improving the places where we live and work.

Ridgeland, Mississippi

Founded in 1995 by the Oneida Nation and a group of five Green Bay area businessmen, Bay Bank intended to provide the Green Bay area community with a locally controlled financial institution. In 2000, the Oneida Nation became the sole owner of Bay Bank, which could then provided more federally funded programs to directly assist tribal members and unique mortgage and entrepreneurial programs to assist Oneidas in obtaining housing and starting business ventures. Bay Bank is the only area bank to offer the HUD Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program. The Program offers any Native American member of a federally recognized tribe an opportunity to own a home. Bay Bank also administers a unique program referred to as the Oneida Small Business Project 2000, which has successfully delivered over $5 million investment dollars to over 100 Oneida small business entrepreneurs. 

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Beneficial State Bank, formerly One PacificCoast Bank, is a state chartered bank headquartered in Oakland, California with branches in California, Oregon and Washington. Founded in 2007, Beneficial State is a new kind of bank that offers customers the tools they need to build something beautiful. The bank’s commercial loans, transactional services and financial assistance are designed to serve businesses and nonprofits that are committed to building prosperity for our local communities and our environment, as well as individuals and families in need. A certified B Corporation, Beneficial State’s ownership structure is truly unique to the banking Industry; the bank is owned by a nonprofit organization, Beneficial State Foundation. When profits of the Bank are distributed, they can only be distributed to the Foundation, which is mandated to reinvest those proceeds back into the low-income communities we serve and environment upon which we depend. 

Oakland, California

BNA Bank, established in 1896, is a state chartered bank with approximately $425 million in assets. BNA’s main office and two branch offices are located in New Albany with another branch located in Myrtle, Mississippi, two branches in Tupelo and Lee County, Mississippi and one loan production office in Oxford, Mississippi. BNA Bank is one of the few ‘A’ rated banks by Weiss Bank Rating Services and was inducted into the Seifried and Brew Top 15th percentile of community banks. In 2013 BNA Bank received the prestigious McLean Award for Philanthropy, recognizing the banks generous record of giving back to the communities it’s serves.

New Albany, Mississippi

BOM Bank (formerly the Bank of Montgomery) was established in 1903 in Montgomery, Louisiana by local businessmen who saw a need for a financial institution to meet the needs of Grant Parish. Today, the bank remains a family owned institution that provides old-fashioned community banking. But BOM is also an innovator, which enhances the community banking experience with modern conveniences such as mobile banking. It has been a winning formula for the bank, which has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, from $18 million in 1996 to over $209 million in 2014.

Natchitoches, Louisiana

California International Bank, N.A. is a minority-owned community bank devoted to serving the financial needs of the business community in Southern California. Their shareholders, directors, and bilingual staff are all local people who know the community and the culture.

Their mission is to facilitate and enhance the economic activity of the communities in which they operate and serve. They accomplish their mission by assisting their customers on which bank products and services fit their financial requirements. Loan decisions are made locally by experienced commercial bankers who have extensive lending experience in all areas of credit including working capital loans, asset based loans, business expansion and commercial real estate.
Their bank charter allows them to focus on the local business community. They are a direct lending bank without middle men. They also offer certificates of deposits with a wide range of terms, amounts and interest rates to match the financial flexibility requirements of their depositors.
Westminster, California
Carver Federal Savings Bank

Carver Federal Savings Bank has served African-American communities traditionally denied access to debt capital for more than 60 years. From its headquarters in Harlem, the bank lends to consumers, businesses, non-profits, and faith-based institutions throughout New York City. Receiving accolades from the community, and regulatory agencies, Carver is a national leader among community development banks and minority owned institutions.

New York, New York

Carver State Bank has been a vital part of the Savannah, GA community since it was founded as the Georgia Savings and Realty Corporation in 1927. The mission of Carver State Bank is to maintain a sound, profitable, growing institution by providing high-quality products and services for the Bank's customers, especially those in it's targeted communities.

Savannah, Georgia

Central Bank of Kansas City is a community bank with a long and successful history of business lending and outreach, based on its strategy of revitalizing the urban core and building wealth in low-income neighborhoods. With the main branch in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast neighborhood—where it was founded in 1951—Central Bank attends to the needs of the typically underserved in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The bank has been a continual recipient of the CDFI Bank Enterprise Award for its involvement in the community it serves.

Kansas City, Missouri

Century Bank of the Ozarks (CBO) was founded on July 24, 1894. CBO is active in the communities they serve by providing financial products and services in the underserved populations of the Ozarks region. Working as a financial advocate for customers in these communities, their goal is to ensure sustainable economic and community development.

Gainesville, Missouri

Citizens Bank & Trust is locally-owned and North Alabama-based, and that means they are of the community, not just in it. Our decision-makers are people you can talk to across the desk, not state lines. And they are often the same people community members see at the grocery store, community activities and the many civic and charitable events Citizens is proud to support. Since they opened their doors in 2003, Citizens Bank & Trust has grown to include branches in Albertville, Arab, Cullman, Guntersville, Hazel Green, New Hope, Elkmont and Rogersville, plus a separate Mortgage Department and a Wealth Management division. As they have grown, so has their commitment to being every customer’s favorite bank.

Guntersville, Alabama

As Mississippi’s community bank, Citizens National Bank is focused on encouraging personal, business and economic development that finance the dreams of Mississippians

Citizens National Bank believes it's important to make a difference in the local communities we serve through our volunteer efforts, financial assistance, and service to local nonprofits across the Bank's footprint. In addition to these various means of support, we have established significant partnerships with eight charitable organizations which enhance the quality of life in our local communities. These are our Community Partners, and we invite you to learn more about the exceptional programs and services they have to offer.

Meridian, Mississippi

As a CDFI, Citizens Bank puts its communities first and values local economic growth. It does so by investing in areas underserved by the traditional banking sector, engaging in lending that supports affordable housing, small businesses and community facilities, and providing technical financial assistance to its customers. Throughout the years, the bank has continued to focus on opportunities to build financial literacy and provide the tools for communities to build, grow and reinvest wealth. As a community-minded bank, the focus is on offering products and services that enable customers to fulfill their personal dreams and grow their businesses. As the nation faces challenging times, Citizens continues to be a trusted community resource and partner for clients and communities in navigating a path forward.

Nashville, Tennessee

City First Bank delivers innovative and creative community development finance services to low- and moderate-income communities of Washington DC and its nearby suburbs and Los Angeles, California. City First provides a range of banking services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. They offer competitive returns to socially motivated investors who want a double bottom line return. With aid from the New Markets Tax Credit, they are able to finance large scale projects and offer subsidized financing for eligible projects that offer demonstrated and sustained benefits in low wealth neighborhoods.

Washington, District Of Columbia

Cleveland State Bank was established in 1908 in Cleveland, Mississippi, part of the Mississippi Delta. For over a century, Cleveland State Bank has served its community with pride and watched the area grow at the hands of dedicated leadership. The bank's motto, "bank on a better future with us," embodies the spirit of its partnership with and investment in the citizens of the Delta.  

Cleveland, Mississippi

There are many banks. Our bank is being founded as the only one to fight the climate crisis. The nation's first climate-focused bank will be coming to the St. Pete/Tampa Bay region in 2021. A bank’s value should come from its values. St. Pete and Tampa Bay know all too well the increasing ferocity of hurricane seasons. That’s just one measure of the climate crisis. The status quo of sustainability is no longer an option. The future demands we work together now to reverse the damage done by our carbon addiction. Climate First Bank (I/O) will be a full-service community bank offering personal and commercial banking services with a triple bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity. We will support customers, communities, and our planet by operating as a vehicle for positive change.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Commercial Capital Bank is here to help the people and businesses in our community succeed by meeting their unique financial needs and providing the high quality services they expect and deserve. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community – and we pledge to maintain and strengthen the banking relationships that we have built over the years.

Delhi, Louisiana

In 1976, Commonwealth opened its doors in the heart of Mobile with a mission to serve our neighbors, friends, and community members. The majority of our founders were raised in the Mobile community and positioned Commonwealth right in Toulminville to ensure banking services were available to their community. They had the vision to provide the citizens in the Mobile area with a choice of doing business with a financial institution in their own community, where they could directly benefit from its economic impact and employment opportunities.

Here at Commonwealth, we understand, empathize, and know firsthand the unique challenges and banking needs of local businesses and consumers. As a locally owned and managed financial institution and the only Black-owned bank in our region, Commonwealth only thrives when you do.

Born and bred in Mobile means Mobile and its surrounding areas are our bread and butter. We are in the business of happy customers, employees, and shareholders. Transform your business and personal banking experience with Commonwealth.

Mobile, Alabama

One of the South’s fastest-growing financial institutions did not originate in a large, metropolitan area or grow with the usual bank business plan. Community Bancshares of Mississippi, Inc., started more than 100 years ago in a small timber community in east central Mississippi and has grown by employing a unique approach to one of America’s most routine industries. From 1995 until today, with few acquisitions, Community Bancshares has grown from $200 million in assets and a couple of offices to more than $2.4 billion in assets, 40 offices and over 660 employees in four states. Simple values like fairness, integrity, honesty, respect, humility, self-sacrifice, and kindness are all hallmarks of the type of organization Community Bank strives to build every day.

Brandon, Mississippi

Community Bank of Bay was founded in 1997 to serve the credit needs of historically underserved businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Locally owned and operated, the bank invests in the economic vitality, community spirit, and future of Oakland. With exceptional local market expertise and broad industry knowledge, the bank brings value to customers and their community.

Oakland, California

Concordia Bank provides its customers a high-tech way of doing business which allows for another opportunity to give our friends the best in quality customer service. Our internet solution is second to none in providing a quick and easy way for you to follow your accounts and transact your business. With our online banking, you will be able to look at all your accounts and its past history, including image checks and deposits. Also, customers can transfer funds from one account to another, as well as make mobile deposits.

Since 1903, Concordia Bank has continually provided the best in banking products. Our approach to doing banking is simple – provide banking products our customers want with hometown customer service. We look forward to the future and the changes it will bring, while upholding the traditions of Concordia Bank.

Vidalia, Louisiana

In October, 1891, the founders of Copiah Bank opened our doors in service to families and business owners who were largely ignored by bigger-city banks. Theirs was a vision of a bank that would provide responsive solutions, exceptional service, fiscal integrity and value for those we serve.

Today, Copiah Bank continues to embrace these principles as they have set us apart for more than 125 years. We are proud to serve as a true community bank, driven by the relationships we share with our customers and, through active corporate citizenship, the communities we serve. We know that you have choices when it comes to choosing a bank and we work diligently each day to remain your bank of choice.


Hazelhurst, Mississippi

Our mission at Cross Keys Bank is to help our customers succeed. By their success, we will succeed! We chose the name Cross Keys Bank because we thought it represented a long and proud history of excellence in service to our customers. We have offices in Monroe, West Monroe, Rayville, and Shreveport, LA, and we have a virtual presence at www.CrossKeys.Bank along with our Cross Keys Bank mobile application that gives us the opportunity to deliver our excellence in service to the palm of our customers' hands anywhere in the world. We are proud of the name Cross Keys Bank, and we are certain the crossed keys and the measure of excellence they symbolize will continue to serve us well as we continue to grow.

Saint Joseph, Louisiana



Decatur County Bank is devoted to supporting its Tennessee community. Decatur County Bank believes that banking should be centered around convienence and safety which they model through SBA Loans, various Home Loan programs, and a wealth management division. 

Decaturville, Tennessee

Throughout our history, it has been our distinct pleasure to serve our friends, neighbors and customers.  A primary mission of Delta Bank is to promote community development by providing access to credit and financial services to underserved communities. From those early days as a very small community bank with one location to today with operations in five locations, Delta Bank provides our unique brand of community banking along the Mississippi River from Lake Providence to Natchez, Mississippi.

Vidalia, Louisiana
Farmers and Merchants Bank Logo

For over 70 years, Farmers & Merchants Bank has been serving the communities of Northeast Mississippi. Home owned and operated since 1941, Farmers & Merchants prospers with a dedicated community of loyal customers and loyal employees. This commitment allowed the bank to rank as one of the "Highest Rated Banks in America" according to a survey by Sheshunoff Information Services Inc. In a world that changes rapidly, Farmers and Merchants Bank remains a stable and secure financial institution whose first priority is the safety of customers’ hard earned money.

Baldwyn, Mississippi

In 1906, T.S. Grayson and Robert Warnock, Sr. had a vision – to establish a community-focused bank, Right in the HEART of Magnolia, Arkansas, with the very simple goal of helping their friends and neighbors find financial solutions for a lifetime. Out of that vision, Farmers Bank & Trust Company was chartered. Five generations and over $2 billion in assets later, Farmers has expanded into communities across Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. The vision may have grown, but that simple goal remains the’s the HEART of who we are and how we serve.

Farmers Bank employees are volunteers for many activities and programs through our branch communities: Relay for Life, United Way, Magnolia Blossom Festival, Hope Watermelon Festival, and Malvern Brickfest, to name a few. Farmers Bank is in full support of the activities of the volunteers. Our goal is to make the communities we serve better places for employees, bank customers, and all community members.

Blytheville, Arkansas

FBT Bank & Mortgage is a full service bank with its beginning in 1931 as Fordyce Bank & Trust. Our bank has grown from one location to five, with total assets of approximately $125 million. We have maintained strong growth as a community bank focused on the communities we serve. Our goal is to offer state-of-the-art products and services while delivering personalized attention our customers deserve and developing personal relationships that will last for many years. We believe our customers are our greatest assets.

Fordyce, Arkansas

First Bank has served the financial needs of southwest Mississippi since 1895. In today's banking environment, the number of community banks has been greatly reduced. We strongly believe that community banks are vitally important to the economic growth of a community. We continually strive to meet our customer's expectation and the need of the community, thereby increasing our stockholder value.

McComb, Mississippi

First Community Bank was originally chartered as the First National Bank of San Benito on September 27, 1979 and opened for business on October 3rd of that year in San Benito, Texas. The bank’s roots are evident in its ownership, represented by local businesspeople with a strong family heritage in the Rio Grande Valley. 

First Community Bank is an independent community based bank deeply committed in their responsibility to serve their community, its businesses, and its families. Built upon trust and integrity, their "Roots" provide the financial strength, as well as the support for their customers' personal and business growth. By providing the highest quality products and services they enable customers to succeed, grow and develop their own "Roots" within their community. 

Harlingen, Texas
First Eagle Bank

First Eagle Bank is an entrepreneurial, independent bank focused on developing long lasting relationships with their customers, and community. They take an active role in their community and have received an "Outstanding" Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rating. First Eagle Bank is committed to providing credit, capital and financial services to underserved communities. Their staff is personally committed and involved with non-profits that assist people in their communities.

Chicago, Illinois

First Independence Bank has served Detroit communities for more than 40 years. They have always treated customers as their most important asset, with products and services designed to best-serve customers' needs. First Independence takes their responsibilities as a member of their community seriously and it is their policy to never trade off profits for citizenship responsibilities. First Independence provides high-quality, meaningful jobs to employees while contributing to the success of their communities and shareholders. 

Detroit, Michigan

First National Bank & Trust is dedicated to serving our customers by providing quality financial products and services that are consistent with safe and sound principles. First National Bank & Trust strives to maintain a major presence as a progressive locally owned and operated financial institution as we promote the further economic development of our community and citizens. First National Bank & Trust has been proudly serving our community for over 100 years.

Atmore, Alabama

First National Bank of Picayune was founded in September 1947 to serve the residents of Pearl River County. It is the only local bank headquartered in Picayune, Mississippi. In addition to the Main branch located on East Canal Street, the bank has three branches in Picayune, West Canal, North, and South branches.

Picayune, Mississippi

First National Bank USA, locally owned and operated since 1975. We are your hometown bank offering a full range of banking services to meet all of your financial needs. Here Today...Here Tomorrow.

Boutte, Louisiana

The First NaturalState Bank of McGehee was chartered in 1974 and has operated continuously in Desha County since its inception. Being a community minded bank, the Board chose to convert to become a state charted bank in 2016. The decision allowed for the transition of bank oversight to the Arkansas State Bank Department.

In 2019, the bank expanded its operations to Dumas in order to better serve our valued customers in that area. Though there have been changes to the Board, and to the Bank’s management, our primary mission is to serve the banking needs of McGehee, Dumas, and the surrounding areas, has not changed. Through the years, the bank has enjoyed a high level of support from Desha County. This support has helped us to become a driving force in the local banking market.

McGeehee, Arkansas

First Security Bank opened its doors in 1952 with just $50,000, five people, and a single Batesville, Mississippi location. Today, with over 200 employees and assets of more than $475 million, the bank operates 15 locations and serves five counties in North Mississippi. But the bank's guiding principle has remained the same: to provide genuine, personal service to each person who walks through its doors. 

Being a part of the communities in which we serve is very important to First Security Bank. We strive to be active in all aspects of community involvement including service to local organizations. We invest our time and resources in community outreach. We also provide financial education to under-served local communities.

Batesville, Mississippi

First Security Banks's vision is to help create a prosperous and diverse community of micro-businesses (15 employees or less) across Oklahoma City. They serve all Oklahomans, especially African American and other minority-owned businesses. They hope that by emphasizing the economic and community development benefits of providing banking solutions to minorities, they will inspire other banks to do the same and build a foundation for all businesses to flourish.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The First State Bank is dedicated to providing top quality financial services to individuals and businesses in the communities they serve. They are committed to being the financial institution that people look to for leadership in local economic, cultural, education, social and moral issues and causes. The First State Bank serves customers and community with candor, integrity, trust, fair dealing, and honor.

FNB is truly your Friendly Neighborhood Bank. When you visit FNB, you will always find bankers eager to assist you! FNB is widely known for its friendly smiles, knowing their customers' names, and helpful attitudes that show their genuine care and concern for their customers and communities. FNB"s talented team works diligently to meet your financial needs to show you that you have a bank that looks out for your interests.

The FNB team can be found investing in their communities and giving up their time and talents to make valuable contributions to their hometowns. You'll find their team serving in local churches, coaching sports, working in the schools, volunteering with organizations such as United Way and raising funds for organizations such as the American Cancer Society. FNB employees and directors serve on many community boards, and the bank is represented in almost every civic organization.

FNB Oxford Bank is looking forward to a bright future with the strength of a solid, successful past guiding them. FNB began as First National Bank of Oxford in 1910 on the Oxford Square and has grown to include six branches serving Oxford, Tupelo, and Water Valley communities.

Visit them today, stay a lifetime!

Oxford, Mississippi

Chartered in 1912, FNBC’s century-long legacy has been forged through diligence, passion and execution. The result is an organization built by community bankers whose values are rooted in dependability, resourcefulness, honesty and integrity. After more than 100 years in business, FNBC is passionate about creating value for its customers and its communities. FNBC demonstrates that a bank can be much greater than its balance sheet; it can be a powerful catalyst for community and individuals to pursue and achieve their highest aspirations. 

Ash Flat, Arkansas

Freedom Bank is a full-service South Texas financial institution that operates with a high level of customer satisfaction in providing the products and services that the community demands and deserves.

Freedom Bank accomplishes this by paying a high level of attention to making prudent decisions that take into account sound credit principles, shareholder return, customer needs and satisfaction. They are committed to a high level of community involvement and provide a culture which attracts, empowers, rewards and provides growth opportunities for employees. At the core of Freedom Bank's culture is an unwavering commitment to customer service, integrity and character which as a whole distinguishes them from the competition.

Alamo, Texas

As one of Alabama's oldest family-owned community banks, our focus has always been on building relationships and serving our friends and neighbors in the Wiregrass. We believe success lies in being a true friend to our employees, our customers, and our community. Our purpose is to help friends save wisely, spend prudently, and borrow cautiously.

At Friend, customers take comfort in dependable banking, financial, and mortgage services; and enjoy the convenience of five hometown locations including Slocomb, Dothan, Hartford, Newton, and Geneva. But most important, at Friend, customers know their banker…a banker who values enduring relationships, a banker with sound advice, a banker empowered to make decisions.

Dothan, Alabama

In August of 1904, the Bank of Benoit was established in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Since then it has maintained a strong commitment to local service. For over a hundred years that habit of service has been the steady mission of the Bank. In September 2020, the bank was reimagined as Genesis Bank with a goal of remembering who they are as a bank and using that mission of service to expand their reach outside of the Delta.

As the world has gotten faster and technology has gotten smarter, Genesis finds that what has been forgotten are people and their individual stories. People like for their banker to give them a chance to be heard and for their stories and lives to matter.

Benoit, Mississippi

GBT is an independent community bank which provides exceptional financial services and technology to businesses, consumers, agriculture, and non-profit customers. It has been and will remain the primary mission of Gibsland Bank & Trust Company and Gibsland Bancshares, Inc. to promote community development in their designated Target Market, a group of communities at risk of being financially underserved or distressed, through the provision of financial products and services to residents of the Target Market and to businesses located there, and to provide Development Services in conjunction with the provision of financial products and services in the Target Market, all with a view towards improving the social and economic conditions.

Gibsland, Louisiana is a trademark of Grand Bank for Savings, FSB. Member FDIC. They are exploding with growth, and on the fast track to becoming a leader in providing affordable, innovative financial products to our customers throughout the U.S.

Their mission is to deliver cost-effective financial tools to give their customers better ways to borrow, spend, and save.
They thrive on creating solutions to help their customers live healthier financial lives and improve their relationship with money. From saving for retirement to buying your first home, whatever stage of life you are in, is with you every step of the way.

Chartered in 1968, has a rich history of thinking out of the box to offer unique products to meet the needs of their customers. They value their team members and all they bring to the table. If you're passionate about delivering customer-focused solutions with a digital edge to help others build solid financial health, you want to work for You'll discover a career full of excitement, challenge, purpose, and opportunity at They are proud to be an equal- opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse, talented, and engaged team. They offer competitive salaries, advancement opportunities, and a comprehensive benefits package.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Great Southern Bank believes that progression is key to success, but there is something about the ability to adapt to those changes while also upholding our core values and traditions as a community bank. Constantly working to prepare for the future, we are certain that continuing to prioritize customer experience above all else is crucial. At Great Southern Bank, we will continue to open the door with a smile. We are more than just your bankers, we are your friends.

Meridian, Mississippi

Since 1943, Guaranty Bank & Trust Company has been serving their customers as a locally owned and operated institution. Guaranty Bank’s philosophy is to provide the best banking products along with personal, quality customer service. With a team of highly-qualified community bankers committed to serving all of their markets and low-income areas, Guaranty Bank makes a difference by providing financial services to individuals and businesses alike. Guaranty Bank & Trust Company proudly helps to facilitate economic development in Mississippi and is a leader in the community banking field.

Belzoni, Mississippi

Since 1934, Industrial Bank has delivered essential banking and financial services that have contributed greatly to the growth and development of the Washington, D.C. community. From that first day, when Industrial Bank had just six employees and $192,000 in assets, Industrial has grown to over 150 employees and over $333 million in assets. In addition to providing a full range of banking services, Industrial Bank works to create a vibrant local economy through public/private partnerships, banking education seminars and sponsorships.

Washington, District Of Columbia

The International Bank of Chicago's objective is to be a primary contributing member of the diverse communities of Uptown, Chinatown, Bellwood, Stone Park and their neighboring communities. Our goal is to serve their consumer, commercial and retail needs while serving all racial and ethnic backgrounds. By offering a varied staff of officers and employees we strive to provide services in related languages in a friendly, efficient and personal manner. Soundness, service and integrity are paramount.

Stone Park, Illinois

Landmark Bank was founded in August, 1897, and capitalized with $15,000 from local investors who recognized the need for the community to have a bank to call its own. The original management team of The Hon. D. W. Pipes (President), E. J. Buck (Vice President) and H. H. Forrestor (Cashier) established their commitment to personal service from the very day they opened their doors for business.

Through the years Landmark Bank has believed that the future of the Bank depends on the success and satisfaction of their customers each and every day. In 1999 The Board of Directors was proud to begin providing the Zachary community with these services by opening its first, full service branch at 20070 Plank Road. In December, 2011 the Greensburg branch was opened to serve the local community at 31 Kendrick Street. Then in January, 2019 the 1858 Church Street branch was opened in Zachary to serve both East and West side of Zachary.

You can choose megabanking, or you can choose community banking. If you find you prefer a personal banking relationship, drop by to see them today or browse their website for a list of products and services available to you at Landmark Bank.

Clinton, Louisiana

Chartered in 1907, Legacy Bank & Trust serves as a financial leader in economic and community development by providing financial products and services in the largely underserved populations of Southcentral Missouri. We pride ourselves on being active in our communities, and strive to continue to do so for years to come!

Rogersville, Missouri

LifeStore Bank is a hometown bank, and we embrace the local community. Our employees live in the towns where they work, volunteer in their communities, coach youth league teams, serve on local boards, and take pride in helping their neighbor.  Decisions are made locally, and you’ll get a live person when you call or send in a question.

In 2009 we became LifeStore Bank.  LifeStore describes what we really are - banks are typically called branches, but we are a retail store for your life’s needs.  The selection of LifeStore is a branding statement with the customer’s needs at heart. We have a proud heritage, starting in Ashe County in 1939 as Ashe Building & Loan Association, founded to help local people finance the building of a new home. In 1951 we became Ashe Savings & Loan Association, in 1982 we obtained a federal charter and became Ashe Federal Savings & Loan and in 1995 we became a federally chartered bank-Ashe Federal Bank. We continued to grow, adding Insurance in 1997 and expanding our footprint into the neighboring counties in Northwest North Carolina. We operated under the AF umbrella, offering banking, insurance, and investment services until 2009 when we brought all services under the LifeStore name.

West Jefferson, North Carolina

LimeBank (formerly Farmers State Bank) is an FDIC-insured and Equal Housing Lender certified savings and loan bank serving the community of Bolivar, MO and the surrounding area. With four convenient branch locations in Bolivar, Galmey, and Pittsburg, plus four free regional ATMs, LimeBank proudly serves clients from southwest Missouri and the greater Springfield region.

With years of experience offering banking, investment, retirement accounts, and loans for businesses or individuals, LimeBank is here to help you manage life’s most important financial decisions. Our services include checking and savings accounts, high interest money market accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, and personalized loans for home, auto, recreation, or business.

Bolivar, Missouri

The bank was founded in 1907, the year Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory united as the State of Oklahoma, by a group of prominent members of the Cherokee tribe. As the only bank in the town of Hulbert, Oklahoma and with branches in Tahlequah and Park Hill, Oklahoma, Local Bank sees its responsibilities extending beyond what are usually thought of as “normal” banking functions. Unlike "ordinary" banks, Local Bank invests 95% of deposits back into Cherokee County. Local Bank, as the largest commercial entity in town, takes the lead in community affairs. The Local Bank daily lives its motto: Your Trust is Our Greatest Asset.

Hulbert, Oklahoma

Locus Bank is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with a mission to create jobs, energize places, and promote an enhanced quality of life for Virginians. With offices in Christiansburg, Norfolk, and Richmond, we offer innovative and flexible financing tools throughout the state. In addition, we provide professional advisory services to individuals and organizations in low-to-moderate income and underserved communities. Locus Bank is an FDIC-insured, certified CDFI bank. Locus Bank offers banking products tailored to community banks and socially conscious investors. We also provide personal and business deposit products, including checking, savings, and certificates of deposit.

Richmond, Virginia

At Lone Star National Bank, they have been at the heart of South Texas's transformation, contributing to the growth and prosperity of a vibrant region. With a legacy that spans decades, they take pride in their role as a driving force behind the business and economic landscape of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. With more than 700 employees, they are deeply rooted, with a reach extending to San Antonio, Texas, where they have five locations, totaling at 36 locations in South Texas.

McAllen, Texas

Formerly Mechanics and Farmers Bank, M&F was chartered in 1907 by a group of nine prominent black North Carolina businessmen who hoped to meet the needs of the state's underserved black community. Today, M&F Bank's employees carry on that tradition, providing quality service to all customers and promoting personal and community development with an attitude of appreciation and respect.

Durham, North Carolina

Magnolia State Bank is a state-chartered financial institution, established in 1975 as Jasper County Bank. While other hometown banks have disappeared into big corporations, Magnolia State Bank continues to be locally-owned, while offering competitive accounts and services. Magnolia State Bank promises you banking with consistency, stability and your community in mind. If you want to be greeted with a smile and called by your name—not a number—then Magnolia State Bank is the bank for you.

Bay Springs, Mississippi

McGehee Bank is a locally owned bank with a long, proud history of delivering quality personal service to our community, its businesses and our citizens. For over 75 years, we have been committed to recognizing our customer’s needs and providing products and services to meet those needs. We strive to maintain our small town banking atmosphere, while continuing to grow and change with technology.

For more than 55 years, McGehee Bank’s Trust Department has served southeast Arkansas families with a commitment to personal service and prudent management for the best investment performance. As a result of this performance and the confidence of our customers, McGehee Bank’s Trust Department’s assets-under-management have grown to be the largest in southeast Arkansas.

McGehee, Arkansas

For more than 120 years, they've provided dedicated service and financial guidance to the individuals and businesses in their communities. From your first bank account to securing your family's financial future, and beyond – Merchants & Marine Bank is there for your journey.

Pascagoula, Mississippi

The Merchants and Planters Bank of Raymond, Mississippi was chartered in 1906 by local business people with an interest in creating a locally owned and operated bank to serve their community. Although the list of services provided to its customers has grown considerably from its early years, their commitment to extending only the best in personal banking to Mississippians is unshakable. With strong capital and a desire to extend services to a fast growing commercial and residential market, Merchants and Planters Bank continues its commitment to serve its market with the best in small bank products.

Raymond, Mississippi

Millennium Bank is located in Des Plaines, Illinios. One of our most important values is to be present in our community. From creating seminars on saving options to hosting a local barbeque, we want to be a friendly face for our neighbors.

Des Plaines, Illinois

Mission National Bank (MNB) was established in 1982 with a mission of serving the underserved. Banking services are provided through a branch in San Francisco, CA which is located in an eligible census tract, classified by high distress, and gives MNB a pulse on its target market.

MNB provides business checking, business lending and personal banking services to underserved groups in the Mission District and surrounding neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, including minority owned small businesses and niche retailers.

MNB has been recognized by the Findley Reports on Financial institutions as a Super Premier performing bank, making Mission National Bank one of the best performing banks in California and an IDC Financial Superior rated bank. Bank rated Superior by IDC "are simply the best by all measures".

MNB has been awarded the Bank Enterprise Award (BEA) in 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund and has earned a 5-Star Rating from Bauer Financial for September 2018.

San Francisco, California

Mission Valley Bank opened for business in July 2001. At the time, a long series of mergers and acquisitions among banks in California’s San Fernando Valley had resulted in declining service and a lack of access to credit. In response, a group of local business and community organizers came together to form the first new independent bank in the region in over four years. Since then, Mission Valley has become a critical resource for the community with a focus on promoting small business development and entrepreneurship.

Sun Valley, California
As an independently-owned, fellow community member who constantly strives to see all local businesses and individuals succeed, we want to thank you for instilling your trust in us for over 100 years, and we look forward to many more years of returning our appreciation. We now serve Dunlap and Monteagle with full-service locations, with a loan processing center in Jasper, while offering 24/7 service through our website and mobile applications. While time moves forward and many businesses have come and gone in our community, we at Mountain Valley Bank are still here and are committed to you and your financial needs.

Dunlap, Tennessee

National Cooperative Bank provides comprehensive banking products and services to cooperatives and other member-owned organizations throughout the country. What makes NCB unique is that the bank was created to address the financial needs of an underserved market niche- people who join together cooperatively to meet personal, social or business needs, especially in low-income communities.

Arlington, Virginia

In 2001, twenty Native American tribes and Alaskan Native corporations established a national bank to serve all Native people, communities, governments and enterprises across the country. Today Native American Bank is the only Native owned, federally chartered bank in the United States. Native Americans have long been subject to an acute lack of access to credit and financial services preventing individuals as well as communities from achieving self-sufficiency and financial security. NAB pools economic resources from Indian tribes and tribal entities all across the country to support economic independence and cultivate self-determination in Native American communities.

Denver, Colorado

Neighborhood National Bank has proudly served the small businesses and residents of San Diego County since 1997, over two decades. As a local community bank, we pride ourselves on utilizing local deposits to invest back into the small to mid-size businesses who serve as the economic engine of San Diego.

The bank was founded on the premise of being a good community neighbor and providing our clients with an array of financial products and services to assist them in achieving their financial goals. We believe in building meaningful relationships with our clients that foster trust and lead to their success by providing added value to every client relationship. Our bankers are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and committed to serving our clients individual needs.

El Cajon, California

At New Haven Bank, we pledge our resources and capabilities to support our neighbors and neighborhood. We've done that since the beginning. We continue to be advocates for the financial success and well-being of New Haven. The bank serves as a catalyst for economic and social improvement.

New Haven Bank, formerly Start Community Bank, is committed to investing capital locally and serving as a catalyst for economic and social improvement in New Haven. As a community development bank - and the only locally-owned bank in New Haven, Connecticut - we strive to empower the potential of our city's residents and businesses by actively guiding positive change.

Since our earliest beginnings, we have operated with the intention of serving the unique financial needs of families and businesses in New Haven. As a financial partner, we are an advocate for the financial success of our neighbors. As an active participant in the community, we are invested in its forward advancement.

New Haven, Connecticut

OneUnited Bank, with offices in California, Florida and Massachusetts, is the premier bank for urban communities. Its mission is to provide affordable financial services to support economic development in urban communities and to maintain superior financial performance to maximize shareholder value. As the first Black online bank and the first Black interstate bank in the country, OneUnited Bank unites urban communities to share ideas, technology and management resources to better meet the banking needs of inner city communities.

Boston, Massachusetts

Optus Bank’s origins date back to 1921 when a group of visionary and courageous African American leaders founded Victory Savings Bank on the principle that all people should have access to the American Dream, not just those born into the “right” circumstances. We are committed to helping all people build wealth and improve their lives, regardless of their background or situation. We offer innovative ways to manage, move, save and borrow money for individuals and small businesses with the goal of ensuring that wealth building is not just for the wealthy. Unlike traditional financial institutions that seek to solely maximize the financial returns for their shareholders, we strive balance the needs of all stakeholders - our customers, communities, employees and shareholders.

Optus Bank is a federally designated Minority Depository Institution and a U.S. Treasury Certified Community Development Financial Institution.

Columbia, South Carolina

Pan American Bank & Trust's mission is to build long lasting, advisory-based relationships with their clients by delivering superior products and services that enable them to "Live the Dream.” Their employees commit to nurturing every relationship they have with clients through individual mentoring and by offering financial education programs on banking, investments and insurance with the ultimate goal of providing access to affordable financial products and services. Pan American Bank also provides financing to small businesses and real estate investors committed to revitalizing underserved communities through job creation and the development of affordable housing. As a result of the bank’s concentrated efforts in outreach, lending and community involvement Pan American Bank has received an Outstanding Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rating.

Melrose Park, Illinois

Our Bank began serving customers in the Arkansas Delta 80 years ago. We partner with people to create opportunities and strengthen communities all across the State of Arkansas. Although banking has changed over the years, we still bring our small town values with us, caring passionately about our team, customers, and communities. We care deeply about their stories and meeting their needs – with honesty, loyalty, and respect. We are here to Create Opportunities Through Personal Connections! Partnering with you is what we want to do.

Helena, Arkansas

People's Bank of Seneca is bringing its trusted hometown banking experience to more people than ever. In an effort to better benefit their customers, they have branched out to the greater Joplin area beginning with Loma Linda in 2012, adding the 20th Street location in 2017, and then introducing Maiden Lane in 2018. Their newest branch location opened in 2023 in Neosho.

At People's Bank of Seneca, it really is all about the client experience. When it comes to purchasing a new home, the goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. When it comes to business, watching clients transform their small start-ups into thriving enterprises is one of the most satisfying parts of what People's does. People's Bank of Seneca is invested in the client and their success. They don't want your business for one transaction; they want your business for a lifetime.

"Like any form of shopping local, banking locally is a great way to put money and support back into your community." And just as many support us, People's Bank of Seneca backs our community. Our many contributions through sponsorships include: The Spiva Center for the Arts new Harry M. Cornell Complex, the KCU medical and dental schools in Joplin, the MSSU Health and Sciences Project as part of the Lions Forward Capital Campaign and the Seneca football turf and facilities. Volunteering is also an essential part of our gratitude ranging from delivering treats to area precincts on Police Appreciation Day to volunteer work and donations for many area schools. We have also worked to help bring flights from Chicago to Joplin Regional airport and regularly work alongside the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, which is the majority shareholder of the bank.

Seneca, Missouri

In 1908, Peoples Bank opened with a commitment to providing service to rural Simpson County, much of which lacked access financial institutions. During the Great Depression, the bank attracted accolades by refusing to close as banks locked their doors across the nation. More banks closed in America that day then any day before or since, but Peoples Bank committed serving its community and stayed open. Today, Peoples embraces the principles established by our founders; traditions that begin with personal service and traditions  and evoke corporate citizenship in the areas they serve.

Mendenhall, Mississippi

In 2019, Piermont Bank set out to give banking a makeover, building the kind of bank that they hoped to see in the world: one that was relevant and ready to help customers meet the demands of the modern world. Today they're proud to deliver peer banking – they meet you where you are, reflect your business needs, and act with speed. They're digitally enabled and human-delivered, providing an unprecedented banking experience that blends the best of financial services and agile FinTechs.

  • Fast answers, flexible solutions
  • Digitally-enabled, human-delivered results
  • A different kind of bank: women-founded, entrepreneur-led, and technology fortified

Whether you're ready to scale or gain economies of scale, you need a bank that can remove the roadblocks and level the speed bumps. You need a bank that can help you take your business to the next level. Discover a bank that's changing the face and pace of banking.

New York, New York

Over these 34 years, Pike National Bank has grown to be a community bank with assets in excess of $200 million and has over 70 employees. We are big enough to handle your banking but small enough to know you personally.
Our mission is to provide the banking services and expertise necessary to improve the quality of life in Southwest Mississippi. We accomplish this through our staff of friends, neighbors, and relatives who strive to take care of each other both in the banking environment and in our various community activities. We dress, talk, and act like the people we serve because we are just like them.
Our motto is "It's not the bank, it's the banker." We believe that it is our people who make the difference. Regardless of your location or your need, our staff is able, willing, and eager to serve your banking needs in a friendly atmosphere. We have professional bankers to help with depository as well as loan needs. They know the area, the people, and have the resources to help make your dreams come to reality.

McComb, Mississippi

Planters Bank is committed to providing quality financial services delivered by a friendly and professional staff. As an independent community bank, we dedicate our resources to the betterment of our customers, shareholders, employees, and markets we serve. Planters Banks provided educational videos to support and teach our customers how to use our products and services.

Indianola, Mississippi

Ponce Bank was born in The Bronx in 1960 at a time when most banks had abandoned the community. The Bronx was labeled a "community in decline." But our founders, migrants from Puerto Rico, saw nothing but the potential of a proud neighborhood anchored by a strong immigrant work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. They saw that all it needed was financial investment and vowed to provide it.

Today, our designation as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certifies our commitment as an investor in the future of our communities. Ponce Bank is where neighbors envision the future, build their dreams, and celebrate all they’ve done.

Bronx, New York

Priority Bank is a local financial services institution that has served Ozark and Northwest Arkansas with quality service and professionalism since 1993. Priority Bank is incorporated in the state of Arkansas and is a federally chartered Savings Bank located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It is regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and is a member of the FDIC. The Bank opened for business on July 3, 1993. 

Fayetteville, Arkansas

From humble beginnings in 1905, PriorityOne Bank has seen steady growth over the course of 100+ years. The bank has a stalwart devotion to meeting the financial needs of the people of Mississippi. PriorityOne empowers branch managers to make decisions quickly and locally, allowing them to better serve customers without red tape or bureaucracy. PriorityOne offers customers the feel of a locally owned and operated bank along with the strength and diverse product and service offerings of a much larger financial institution. 

Magee, Mississippi

Founded by a group of Christian businessmen and bankers, Providence Bank & Trust follows the principles of service and integrity. With over 200 years of collective banking experience in the areas we serve, we know the communities we serve and we understand the importance and the need to provide responsive, local banking services. The founders as well as the entire staff take pride in assisting every customer with his or her banking relationship. We believe in the relationship we form with you and in understanding your financial goals so we can help you achieve them. With our management team onsite, all decisions are made locally and quickly, keeping the banking process efficient for you. We realize that Providence Bank & Trust will be measured by the level of service we deliver to the community. We continually strive to provide service to our customers at a level unparalleled by our competitors.

South Holland, Illinois

Quontic is a Member FDIC bank, headquartered in New York City and located in a growing number of states. We're all about customer service. We're here to help the community. We strive to make banking easy and the home mortgage process hassle-free. We are authorized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make Federal Housing Authority (FHA)-insured mortgage loans in all fifty states. 

At Quontic, we strive to find meaningful ways to make an impact on communities across the country and give back. We have planted over 12,000 trees, provided over 1,500 meals for children, serviced nearly 18,000 weeks of clean water for those who do not have access, as well as providing almost 600 nights in a safe shelter for people suffering from poverty.

Astoria, New York

Security Bank and Trust Company was founded in 1905, and continues to serve Paris and Henry County, TN today with thirteen branches throughout the community including Martin, Milan, Union City, Hornbeak, Fulton, Dyer, Trenton and Humboldt. We are a locally owned, full-service community bank. We work diligently to ensure our customers achieve their financial goals and objectives. We offer a full range of products and services for both individuals and businesses and our local decision making ensures a more responsive customer experience.

Paris, Tennessee
Security Federal Bank Logo

Security Federal Bank was founded in 1922 in picturesque Aiken, South Carolina. Since then, they have stuck to their motto: “Do what’s in the best interest of the customer.” In addition to a full line of personal and commercial banking products that includes mobile banking, online bill payment and mortgage products, Security Federal Bank offers an expansive program of financial literacy education. Their Looney Tunes Savings Club helps elementary school students learn about savings, while their Financial Counseling Department assists adult customers who need education or help in handling personal finances.

Aiken, South Carolina

Security State Bank is proud to have been banking generations in Oklahoma since 1911. Security State Bank’s mission is to meet the needs of our communities through superior financial service and community leadership. We firmly believe in supporting the communities in which we serve. Our employees are active in many community service organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis Club and the local Chamber of Commerce. We are actively involved in many other community events and participate in support of our local schools.

Wewoka, Oklahoma

Southeast First National Bank, is an independent bank, with offices in Summerville, GA; Trion, GA and Panama City Beach, FL. Each Southeast First National Bank branch offers the services of a modern financial institution while maintaining the integrity of a community bank where decisions are made locally. Southeast First National Bank takes pride in having served our community since 1968.

Southeast First National Bank’s mission is to meet the needs of the market they serve by providing community leadership and quality financial services. Their employees are deeply involved in church offices, booster clubs, and numerous community activities. Their financial services include competitive loan and deposit rates, telephone banking, and internet banking. Finally, they are excited about providing you with the convenience of internet banking.

Summerville, Georgia

Southern Bancorp, Inc. is one of America’s largest rural development banks with approximately $1.1 billion in assets, serving over 80,000 customers at 39 branches in both Arkansas and Mississippi. Southern was founded in 1986 by then Governor Bill Clinton, Wal-Mart Chair Rob Walton, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and others who were concerned about the economic decline of rural Arkansas. Southern invests in people and businesses in rural communities, empowers them to improve their lives and helps them transform their communities. 

Arkadelphia, Arkansas

In March of 2005, a group of local business leaders came together with a concept, blended with veteran bankers who shared the vision for a true community bank in Opp and Andalusia. From that initial meeting, Southern Independent Bank opened its doors for business in December of 2006, bringing to our markets a fresh, responsive, and service-driven institution.

We have embraced the finest traditions of community banking to provide a full array of accounts, loans, and financial services; and pledge to deliver each with impeccable service reflecting our commitment to you. The Power of Independence is reflected in the efforts of our directors, management, and staff.

Opp, Alabama

For decades the South Bronx had been regarded a “banking wasteland” in dire need of stable, mainstream financial institutions. When Spring Bank opened in 2007, they were the first bank to locate in the South Bronx in over 25 years, providing affordable, mainstream banking services to a neighborhood in need. Since then, Spring Bank has continued that fight by expanding to Harlem. Spring Bank believes every community deserves a bank that serves local people and businesses. They are committed to serving anyone who believes in the importance of keeping Main Street strong.

Bronx, New York
Sunrise Banks

Sunrise Banks, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, seeks to radically change the way urban communities and underserved people thrive by empowering them to achieve their aspirations. Sunrise uses a “do good” approach to business with products that make a difference in communities. Sunrise Banks believes that using business as a force for good can multiply impact. Sunrise Banks is a Certified B Corp, a certification granted to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to transparent corporate governance, environmental stewardship and positive community impact. Sunrise is also a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), a network of the world’s leading sustainable banks that use finance to deliver sustainable development for underserved people, communities and the environment.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Known originally as First National Bank of Mercedes in 1920, the bank changed its name in 1985 to become Mercedes National Bank. Business continued under that name until early 2006. In May 2005, MNB Ventures, Inc. purchased Mercedes National Bank. It was this purchase that brought the name change to Texas National Bank. Texas National Bank prides itself on knowing the community – not just the needs of the community but the people living within that community as well. Texas National Bank utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, but it's the people we hire who are able to make each visit a positive experience. Our staff is committed to treating customers right and providing them with the highest quality customer service. Texas National Bank is recognized as a minority owned financial institution as one of only fifteen Hispanic owned institutions throughout the United States.

Edinburgh, Texas

Community business leaders formed The Commercial Bank in 1914 in DeKalb, Mississippi. The bank quickly became an integral part of DeKalb and Kemper County. In 90-plus years there have only been 7 Presidents, reflecting the stability of the bank management.

The first 57 years saw only two presidents: Charles Rosenbaum and T.A. Stennis. Michael Dudley, a native of DeKalb, is the current President and Chief Executive Officer. In 1995, The Commercial Bank introduced its special brand of independent banking to Lauderdale County by opening a branch in Collinsville. Shortly thereafter, branches were opened at Briarwood and in Meridian’s medical district downtown. The Commercial Bank continued its expansion by opening a branch in Philadelphia in 2007.

DeKalb, Mississippi

The Commercial Bank of Ozark was chartered in 1959 and has served the citizens of Ozark and Dale county to the present. Douglas Brown organized the bank because the financial needs for new construction were going unmet by the community's primary bank. Members of the initial board of directors included Douglas Brown, William C. Brown, E.E. Dorrah, E.E. Flowers, Harry Hall, E. Martin Price and Henry Steagall. The main bank office at 208 S. Merrick Avenue in Ozark is the original building and was constructed by Douglas Brown.

In 1998, the directors organized a one bank holding company, Commercial Bancshares of Ozark, to purchase stock from existing shareholders. The board of directors and some small shareholders own the holding company, and the holding company owns over 99 percent of the bank.

The purpose of this bank is to make a profit while serving the financial needs of its growing geographic service area, the area's smaller businesses (including minority-owned and businesses in depressed areas), and its citizens (including low-income families). We are in the financial services business and no line of financial services is beyond our charter.
This bank is a responsible citizens and a business leader in its service area. The bank takes its citizenship duties seriously and will not knowingly take actions that are against the best interest of its communities, their businesses, or their families. It will not make profits at the expense of these communities. The bank, its directors, officers and staff will take an active role in the community improvement and will share in leadership responsibilities when called upon to do so.
Customers are the bank's most important assets. The products are designed to meet the needs of customers, their hours are set to meet the needs of customers, and their employees are hired to meet the needs of customers. High quality, personalized customer service is the true mission of this bank. It is only through the accomplishment of this mission that the bank's profitability goals are achievable.
Ozark, Alabama

At The Cottonport Bank, community is their top priority. As they have grown over the past century, they are always looking out for their customers, and the community that they represent. Not only are they localized in the Avoyelles Parish region, but they are also proud to have branches in Baton Rouge, New Roads, Brusly, and Lafayette.

Their mission is to make sound decisions and exceed their customers' expectations of service while maximizing the number of products they sell them as their trusted advisor for banking, insurance, and investments.

Cottonport, Louisiana

In 1995, a group of friends got together on a back porch near Hattiesburg, MS and discussed the possibility of creating a bank that would not only take care of financial needs, but also take care of the individual as a whole - leading up to what we know now as The First. Now, that dream has grown from a back porch to communities all over South Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Because The First is more than a bank, it continuously allows friends to build relationships while taking care of business one customer at a time!


The First is committed to giving back to the communities where we serve to ensure a brighter future for everyone. We strive both as a company and as individuals to improve the quality of life in our communities. The First delivers banking and credit needs to each community, including low- and moderate-income individuals. This is achieved through grants and initiatives, affordable housing, community development lending, investments, and our employees who volunteer their time and talents in each of the communities we serve. 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Harbor Bank of Maryland opened its doors in September of 1982 with $2.1 million in assets.  As of December 31, 2016, Harbor Bank's assets were $254 million.  The bank conducts general banking business in seven branch locations and primarily serves the Baltimore, Maryland Metropolitan area.  The Bank also has a branch in Riverdale, Prince George’s County, Maryland.  The Harbor Bank offers checking, savings, time deposits, credit cards, debit card, commercial real estate, personal, home improvement, automobile, and other installment and term loans.  The Bank is also a member of a local and national ATM network.  The retail nature of the Bank allows for diversification of depositors and borrowers so it is not dependent upon a single or a few customers.  The bank is proud of being the first community bank in the country to have an Investment Subsidiary, Harbor Financial Services.

Harbor Bank’s Mortgage Department was the first in the State of Maryland to receive Fannie Mae funding under the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Program.

Baltimore, Maryland

The Jefferson Bank takes pride in being involved in their community and building long lasting relationships with local business owners and community services. The bank was originally chartered as Jefferson County Bank in 1900. In 1997, Jefferson County Bank was purchased by Southeast Arkansas Bank Corporation of Lake Village, Arkansas and changed its name to The Jefferson Bank.

As a community bank we are community oriented providing for the banking needs of consumer, commercial and agricultural customers in our market area and unlike larger banks decisions are made locally by bank staff that understand the local economy and the needs of our community with the mindset that when people need banking services they need a decision made quickly. We can offer the same services that larger banks provide and can provide them in a more efficient manner so if you are in the need for banking services just give us a call or stop by one of our local branches to speak to one our customer service representative.

Fayette, Mississippi

The Peoples Bank is and always has been a locally owned, community bank. Opened in 1925 by several prominent members of the Ripley community, The Peoples Bank has now been in existence for more than 90 years. Having started with only 3 employees and now employing over 70, The Peoples Bank, as our name implies, has plenty of experience with the people of Tippah County. Each and every day, we open our doors to serve the people of this county and the communities in which we live. We strive every day to make our slogan a true representation of our service and attitude.

Ripley, Mississippi

Troy Bank & Trust is a combination of hometown accessibility and service with a depth of resources that goes back more than a century. The ownership structure of Troy Bank & Trust is what makes us truly unique. Former Alabama Governor Charles Henderson owned 51.12% of the bank’s common stock at his death in 1937. He transferred those shares into a perpetual charitable trust, naming Troy Bank as the trustee, and further stating that the bank stock can never be sold. What this means is that Troy Bank will never be bought by another bank. You’ll never have the worry of changing your bank after a buyout. Troy Bank is now and will always remain a community bank.

At Troy Bank & Trust, we work to provide the best of a local community bank, along with the technology, tools, and resources you’d expect to find at a regional one. We invite you to come in and talk to us about any loan, investment, estate planning, or any other financial services you may require. You’ll likely discover that we’re the only bank you’ll ever need.

Troy, Alabama

Since being founded in 1849 the town of Monticello has enjoyed a grand transformation from a simple frontier community to become the thriving economic and educational heart of Drew County (and beyond) it is today. During the past century-and-a-half, Union Bank & Trust Co. has grown as well; building a reputation of service to the fine people of Southeast Arkansas with integrity and distinction. The ownership and entire team of Union Bank & Trust Co. are all local folks who are deeply invested here and passionate about this community.  We take great pride in being the leading locally owned bank dedicated to the health, safety, growth and overall success of Southeast Arkansas.

Monticello, Arkansas

Founded in 1904, United Bank is a community bank that is deeply rooted in the communities it serves through its 17 branches. The bank’s community development initiatives are directed towards improving the social and economic conditions of the distressed communities and underserved individuals throughout rural southwest Alabama and northwest Florida. United Bank is a certified Community Development Financial Institution, and was a recipient of the 2011 FDIC Chairman’s Award for Excellence for developing a checking account for consumers with low or no credit scores. In all things, United Bank seeks to accomplish its mission of “Strength through service excellence.”

Atmore, Alabama

United Bank of Philadelphia is committed to serving communities that have traditionally lacked sufficient access to banking services. The bank champions a “Cycle of Progress” where resources are continuously reinvested back into local businesses and neighborhoods. The cycle starts with inclusive practices that create opportunities for advancement, resulting in healthy, empowered communities. Strong communities foster progress, so the cycle can carry on and accelerate. United Bank of Philadelphia takes its community development role seriously and works to heighten their presence as a catalyst for wealth creation and economic development.

Philadelpha, Pennsylvania

The mission of United Mississippi Bank is to meet the highest expectations of our customers, our employees, our communities, and our shareholders. United Mississippi Bank has always been committed to the Miss-Lou community with strong representation and sponsorships in local matters.

Natchez, Mississippi