A New Way for Banks to Think About Supporting CDFIs

American Banker
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

As bank CEOs serving side by side in local markets, we strive to create wealth, share risk and meet the financial needs of the entire community. We understand that our organizations exist to serve customers and we grow when access to the financial pie expands to include everyone. When groups and neighborhoods do not have access to the financial system it affects all of us. Last fall, our teams began a dialogue through a series of conference calls. The goal: to spur economic activity in communities where access to the financial system has historically been limited. Both of our banks — Regions Bank in Birmingham, Alabama, and Commonwealth National Bank in Mobile, Alabama — have resources that, leveraged appropriately, could create better outcomes. The ultimate result of those conversations is a greater understanding of how our institutions operate, the shared challenges we face, and a partnership intended to strengthen our communities and our own institutions in the process.