Texas Trade Group Creates Platform to Help Small Banks Keep up with Tech

American Banker
Monday, February 7, 2022

Can a social media site help stanch the flow of community banks selling themselves? Independent Bankers Association of Texas President and CEO Christopher Williston thinks his group's Bankers Helping Bankers service just might. The IBAT is pitching Bankers Helping Bankers, which matches banks with similar technology profiles, to other trade groups, primarily state associations like itself that are affiliated with the Independent Community Bankers of America. It aims to make Bankers Helping Bankers available to every community bank in the country. "We can unabashedly, unequivocally say we want Bankers Helping Bankers to be part of what saves community banking," Williston said in an interview. The platform's basic value proposition lies in giving bankers a straightforward, free means of evaluating technology options — a task small institutions often struggle with.