Troy Bank & Trust

Troy Bank & Trust is a combination of hometown accessibility and service with a depth of resources that goes back more than a century. The ownership structure of Troy Bank & Trust is what makes us truly unique. Former Alabama Governor Charles Henderson owned 51.12% of the bank’s common stock at his death in 1937. He transferred those shares into a perpetual charitable trust, naming Troy Bank as the trustee, and further stating that the bank stock can never be sold. What this means is that Troy Bank will never be bought by another bank. You’ll never have the worry of changing your bank after a buyout. Troy Bank is now and will always remain a community bank.

At Troy Bank & Trust, we work to provide the best of a local community bank, along with the technology, tools, and resources you’d expect to find at a regional one. We invite you to come in and talk to us about any loan, investment, estate planning, or any other financial services you may require. You’ll likely discover that we’re the only bank you’ll ever need.