Beneficial State Bank Borrower Inner City Advisors Helps Small Business Owners Succeed

Inner City Advisors (ICA), a customer of Beneficial State Bank, believes that what’s good for small businesses is good for their communities. Based in Oakland, California, ICA aims to facilitate the growth of vibrant communities with education, advising and consulting for entrepreneurs. Its partner, Fund Good Jobs, buttresses that support with tailored venture investing. Together, the organizations support an ecosystem of small businesses that improves communities by providing amenities and employment to people who face high barriers to employment.

ICA provides a range of tailored services that help small business owners succeed. Their Entrepreneurship Institute gives entrepreneurs the skills and practical know-how they need to advance their businesses. ICA also provides business advising, connecting a network of established executives and experts to small businesses for pro bono consulting. Finally, ICA’s Talent Management Initiative brings benefits back to the community. It connects entrepreneurs with talented staff, promoting employment for talented members of the community.