Odis Goodloe

Wabbaseka, Arkansas

Odis Goodloe opened The Convenience Outlet in Wabbaseka, Arkansas on October 28, 2006. The Convenience Outlet is a small grocery store situated in a rural town of 323 residents. Mr. Goodloe envisioned starting a business that would benefit the community and not require the elderly population to travel to the nearest city to get groceries and supplies. Mr. Goodloe states, “A person can find everything he needs here at The Convenience Outlet.” The store carries items such as bread loaves, sodas, deli meats, dairy products, oil, Windex, and other house hold goods. Mr. Goodloe is a retired military veteran of 22 years and has worked for Wal-Mart for ten years. He stated it was time to do something of his own. He expresses he needs to stay busy. With the assistance of Southern Good Faith Fund’s Business Development Center, Mr. Goodloe was able to obtain a loan to add to his personal investment to start the business.