American Banker | Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Nearly every major American bank has a lofty set of values and principles. However, many Americans still distrust the banking industry. After five years of slow improvement in public perception since the financial crisis, American Banker reported in January that banks were backsliding again, with only 52% of consumers trusting their banks to do the right thing, down from 66% last year. Why then is there such a big disconnect between how Americans see their banks and how banks see themselves?

Southern Bancorp | Monday, September 24, 2018

In Arkansas, one in 10 households currently do not have a bank account. Because of this, most families rely on expensive services to access their money and to monthly bills. Luckily, a new program called Bank on Arkansas+ is working to expand access to banking in these underserved communities. Southern Bancorp is one of the leading institutions helping launch the program with their new Opportunity Card. Watch the news report here.

Pan American Bank & Trust | Friday, September 7, 2018

Pan American Bank & Trust has been selected by the nationally renowned industry publication, American Banker, as one of the Best Banks To Work For in 2018 nationwide. "Being selected is a tribute to the strength of our culture, including our commitment to each other, our clients and our communities," stated Frank C. Cerrone, President & CEO of Pan American Bank & Trust. CDBA members FNBC Bank, BankPlus, and Community Bank also make the list.