The Cavalier Daily | Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ross Alan Hill, founder and CEO of Oklahoma City based Bank2, tells a story of hope and redemption in his new book Broken Pieces: Nothing is Wasted. Hill explains that he takes inspiration from Redento Raffinato, a style of blown-glass art in which broken glass fragments are reused to create elegant vases. Hill says that he sees his vase as a spiritual symbol, a physical reminder of redemption in his own life — and of the redemption that is part of Bank2's mission. “We respect our employees, customers, our friends and our community,” Hill said. “We know that brokenness is part of life, and when people are going through broken times, we try to be a friend.”

The Atlantic | Thursday, March 19, 2015

A bipartisan attempt to regulate payday lenders in South Dakota has been halted, the latest in a series of state-level efforts to be dismantled by payday industry lobbyists. The South Dakota bill was led by conservative state legislator Steve Hickey and former Obama campaigner Steve Hildebrand — ideological opposites unified against predatory lending. Despite being deeply involved in the crafting of the bill, payday industry lobbyists suddenly turned against the effort, which was killed in committee. When Hildebrand and Hickey tried to revive their effort with a ballot initiative, State Senator Corey Brown put forward a bill doubling the amount of signatures required to enact the caps, effectively killing the effort.

CDBA member Sunrise Banks has several open positions.

Fraud and Identity Theft Coordinator

The fraud and identity theft coordinator is responsible for ensuring compliance of Sunrise Banks’ fraud program. This position reports the fraud risks for all customer access devices including checks, ACH, ATM/Debit cards and online banking. This includes monitoring alerts from card services software, fraud/kite manager software and management of case tracker alerts through EFT for ATM/debit card transactions.

Third Party Risk Analyst

The third party risk analyst will assist the third party risk manager and other specialists in order to maintain the bank’s third party risk management program. Responsibilities include data entry, completing due diligence packets and assembling ongoing reports. This position also engages in issue and remediation tracking and ongoing communication with relationship managers.