CDFI Fund Opens FY 2015 Funding Round for CDFI and NACA Programs

Monday, September 22, 2014

The CDFI Fund has opened the FY 2015 funding round for the CDFI and NACA Programs. The Administration’s FY 2015 Budget for the CDFI Fund requests $201 million in Financial Assistance and Technical Assistance awards, including $151 million for CDFI Program awards, $35 million for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative awards and $15 million for NACA Program awards. The awards support CDFIs providing affordable financing and related services to low-income communities and populations that lack access to credit, capital and financial services. The deadline for submission of the CDFI Program and NACA Program applications is Monday, November 24. An application workshop for the programs will be held Thursday, October 2, 2014.